Show & Tell: My First Lace Closure

I received my Virgin Brazilian lace closure on Friday *happy dance* The closure doesn't shed, I have been experimenting with it excessively.. and so far it doesn't shed :)

When I place the closure on my arm you can see that it somewhat blends with my skin. 
The closure has a center part. The lace is light brown.
If I try to part it anywhere else the knots are still somewhat visible.
Since knots are still somewhat visible, I will bleach the knots using the video below.

I will install the closure using the sew on method.This is the best video I have seen on Youtube on how to sew on a closure.

The hair + closure will be installed soon. The Filipino Hair will made into a 3/4 wig and the closure will be sewn into my crown area.

Update: See my closure installed HERE

Enjoy your week Dolls :)



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